Portable Black Light

Portable Black Light

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Small device (about 6″ long) which uses 4 “AA” batteries to light up a black light bulb. This bulb is a true “black light” and has an effective range of 12-18 inches. It’s good for close up use, in tight areas, where just a little power is required. For large, open areas, get the DELUXE BLACKLIGHT which has a range of 10 feet+.

Black lights are a great tool for finding urine, feces and other liquids which bats, rats, dogs and other animals leave behind. Black lights can also be used to find insects like scorpions.

When the light is turned on over areas where black light reflecting insects or materials are hidden, they’ll be exposed. The light can be used outside and inside enabling the user to quickly identify hot spots which need to be cleaned or treated. This device is a great tool to use when trying to locate entry/exit holes as well that animals and insect pests are using.

WHERE TO USE IT: Attics, living areas of any structure, garages, crawl spaces, foundations, yards, trees, etc.

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