PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Granulated material which is designed to last longer in the rain and sun than ordinary sprays. Bifen will release slowly into treated areas and provide over two months of control.

TARGET PESTS: Just about everything.

WHERE TO USE IT: Around homes in turf, flower beds and mulch areas. Anywhere grubs are active where armadillos are digging. By treating the turf you will kill off the very food source luring armadillos and they will be forced to find food elsewhere.

RATE OF APPLICATION:    A 25 lb bag will treat as much as 1/2 acre (approximately 20,000 sq/ft). That breaks down to about 1.25 lbs per 1,000 sq/ft.

So lets say you wanted to treat a 10 foot band around your homes perimeter, you'd first want to calculate how many feet you have. If the home is 60 feet wide by 40 feet deep, it would have a 200 linear feet perimeter. If we multiply that by 10, we come up with 2,000 sq/ft. That means it would take about 2.5 lbs to treat a 10 foot band around a home that size.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD IT BE APPLIED:   This will vary depending on the problem. So for initial infestations, renew the granules once a month. But once the problem is under control, treat once every 3 months to make sure the problem pest does not return.

RELATED PRODUCT:     BIFEN GRANULES (same formulation, larger size)

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