PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A three agar plate kit which is set out in rooms where you want to measure mold spores. Simply set out the included dishes for 1 hour and then seal them up as directed, label them and then mail them to the included address for analysis. Results will take approximately 3 weeks. Complete directions are included with each kit along with a toll free number to call should you have further questions. The measurement and results are being done by a completely independent company and is in no way related to U-Spray, Inc. or so you can expect impartial results.

WHERE TO USE IT: This kit is designed to measure mold spores in living areas or other enclosed areas of the home like crawl spaces, attics, closets, utility rooms and basements. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and just about anywhere in a structure where you want to get a measurement of local air borne fungus/mold spores.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Generally each room will require one dish with large rooms needing more. For the average home, one dish per room that you want to get analyzed will suffice. Each kit comes with 3 dishes so you can get key areas tested. For large houses or where you want to record before and after measurements, multiple kits will be needed. In some regions, getting tests done 1-2 times a year may be suggested.

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